Century Home Program

Ashtabula County Historical Society is pleased to present a new Century Home Program in 2023.  New to the program are separate designations honoring the architectural and family or social histories of properties around the county, as well as options for property owners to participate in the research process. 


Ashtabula County Historical Society has long sought to document, archive, and celebrate the history of homes at least 100 years old throughout the county.  In an effort to encourage homeowners to learn about and preserve the histories of their homes, the Society will now offer a designation called “Century Homesite”.  Aimed at preserving the historical stories of homesites throughout the county, this program will allow homeowners to submit the rich and varied research of homes that do not necessarily meet the architecture-oriented requirements of our more traditional Century Home Program.  The Historical Society will display an inventory of all homes in the program online, complete with photos, copies of the research submitted, and the final report designating the home as part of the program.

The Historical Society will begin accepting applications for verification under both designations on May 1, 2023.  Applications are available online at www.ashtabulahistory.com.

Century Home

A Century Home is a residential property within Ashtabula County that has existed for at least 100 years.  Homes fitting this designation are recognizable as a product of their time.  Architectural features have been preserved or restored, rooflines have been maintained, and the original design of the home has been respected.   

In order to qualify for this designation, the homeowner must make an application for verification to the Society.  Homeowners are permitted to provide their own research or may request research be conducted by the Historical Society for a fee.  Once researched has been conducted and verification completed by the Program committee, the home will be inducted into the program with a plaque. 

Century Homesite

A Century Homesite is a property in Ashtabula County that has been continuously occupied as a residence for at least 100 years, as demonstrated by a clear history of owners and property use.  These properties contain dwellings that have been modified or updated to an extent that it cannot be designated as a Century Home, but the owner wishes to document and preserve the history of the property as part of the historical record of our county.

Please note:

To aid in reducing costs to owners and the Society, we offer a discount to all owners completing an online application and submitting all materials in a digital format.  Costs paid to the Historical Society as verification fees are tax-deductible.

This program is an honorary award only. It does not qualify homes for local or national historical designation, does not place restrictions upon work to the house in any way, nor does it provide financial assistance for maintenance of designated homes.

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