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An eleven-member volunteer board comprises the primary decision-making body of Ashtabula County Historical Society.  Elections for board seats are held at each annual meeting, and elected board members serve three year terms.  Meetings are held six times per year and include the annual member dinner and meeting held in October.

Meeting minutes and agendas may be requested by contacting ACHS.

Board of Trustees

Stehanie Blessing, Jefferson.  Term ends: 12/31/2025

Lynn Cummings, Rock Creek.  Term ends 12/31/2024

Courtney Johnson, Dorset.  Term Ends  12/31/2024

John Johnson, Dorset.  Term Ends: 12/31/2025

Greg Kocjancic, Ashtabula.  Term ends: 12/31/2023

Dave Martin, Dorset.  Term ends: 12/31/2023

Britta Shaffer, Geneva.  Term ends: 12/31/2025

Allen Slater, Andover.  Term ends: 12/31/2024

Alan Varner, Andover.  Term ends: 12/31/2025

John Wright, Jefferson.  Term ends: 12/31/2024

Rhonda Wright, Ashtabula.  Term ends: 12/31/2023

2023 Executive Committee

Four board members serve as the executive committee for a one-year term. 

Greg Kocjancic, President

Rhonda Wright, Vice President

Stephanie Blessing, Secretary

Courtney Johnson, Treasurer

2023 Meeting Dates

  • January 15, 2023 Sunday 2:00pm Organizational/Business Meeting
  • March 19, 2023 Sunday 2:00pm
  • May 21, 2023 Sunday 2:00pm
  • July 23, 2023 Sunday 2:00pm
  • September 17, 2023 Sunday 2:00pm
  • October 15, 2023 Sunday 2:00pm Annual Dinner
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