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Ashtabula County has a story worth telling.

We're here to share it.

Ashtabula County Historical Society was founded in 1838 to preserve the history of Ashtabula County.  185 years later: we’re still going strong.  Join our all-volunteer efforts.  Help us keep local history alive!  

Learn more about our mission and how you can help tell the story of Ashtabula County.  And sign up to Volunteer today!

Museums & Programs

Research, preservation, and restoration are the primary work areas of ACHS.  Each of our museum properties is a testament to the rich and diverse history of Ashtabula County.

We also offer several programs dedicated to our mission.

Jennie Munger Gregory Memorial Museum
Walter Jack Research Library
Joshua Giddings Law Office
Century Home Certification Program
Blakeslee Log Cabin Museum
Bridge to History Campaign

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Memberships offer an ideal opportunity to learn about Ashtabula County's unique history.  


Your support directly impacts our mission.  Learn more about donating to ACHS today.


Join our all-volunteer work. Help staff museum open hours, mow lawns, perform repairs, maintain flower beds, update social media, and many more options.


ACHS offers many resources for historical research.  Access our knowledge base for more information.

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