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The mission of Ashtabula County Historical Society (ACHS) is to preserve and share the history of our county through our museums, research library, and Century Home Program.

We believe our shared Ashtabula County history is a celebration of equality, tenacity, and ingenuity. We honor these core values in our museums and event programming and consider it our mission to preserve our shared stories for generations to come.

 ACHS Announces a Historic Capital Campaign in Celebration of 190 Years

Each property owned by the Historical Society is targeted for restoration and preservation efforts for a five-year capital campaign beginning this year.  In honor of the 190th anniversary of the Historical Society in 2028, we invite all Ashtabula County residents to share in the celebration of our long history.  By donating time, ideas and resources, donors can continue to support the efforts of ACHS as we work to preserve these priceless gems of Ashtabula County.  Though the capital campaign is targeted at physical restoration, ACHS will continue to increase programming around these properties, and welcomes the ideas and efforts of our community to keep the history of our county alive for generations to come.

Preservation is the hardest work of our Historical Society.  Each property holds unique historical value, with varying maintenance needs, upkeep costs, preservation considerations, and use goals. 

Jennie Munger Gregory Museum at Grandview is a testament to the ingenuity of Ashtabula County.  This lakefront historical home in Geneva on the Lake was the first frame structure on Ashtabula County’s lakeshore and eventual home of Jenny Munger Gregory.  After the death of her husband, Mrs. Gregory entered the hospitality business, operating a boarding house at Grandview for forty years.  The property now serves as a house museum and research library for Ashtabula County history and genealogy.  Once famous for its parties and sprawling acreage, the Museum loses multiple feet of lakeshore to Lake Erie each year.

Blakeslee Log Cabin was built in 1810 and served as a homesite for multiple Ashtabula County families until it was purchased by ACHS and is one of the few remaining early log cabin structures built in the Western Reserve of Connecticut.  Now serving as a museum, education center, and event space, the Log Cabin requires restoration and repair to several property structures, such as the Spring House, the Ravine Boardwalk, and the Outhouse.

Joshua Reed Giddings Law Office is a National Historic Landmark and served as the law office for Joshua Giddings, Congressman in the United States House of Representatives from 1838 to 1859.  Giddings was famously censured from the House for defending enslaved mutineers and was forced to resign in 1842, only to be immediately re-elected by his constituents.  As the Giddings Law Office celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2023, the Museum carries considerable preservation expenses, and will require historically accurate restoration for its shutters and other exterior surfaces in the coming years. 

How You Can Help

As we look forward to 2028, your gifts will help us reach our goals.  Your help today will ensure the future generations of Ashtabula County can benefit from our shared history for decades to come.

  • Commit to Regular Gifts – whether you choose to give just $5 or $5000, your monthly gifts will carry ACHS into a bright future
  • Join Today as a Patron Member – annual Patron members support individual museums to celebrate their favorite Ashtabula history
  • Volunteer Your Time – our 100% volunteer organization needs assistance from community members like you to make our programs successful

We believe Ashtabula County has a story worth telling. 

Your contributions help us share it.

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