ACHS relies on the support of members and our community to preserve and protect the history of our county.

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History is More Than Our Shared Stories.  It is our mission to preserve and honor Ashtabula County’s historical sites.

The mission of Ashtabula County Historical Society (ACHS) is to preserve and share the history of our county through our museums, research library, and Century Home Program.  We believe our shared Ashtabula County history is a celebration of equality, tenacity, and ingenuity.  We honor these core values in our museums and event programming and consider it our mission to preserve our shared stories for generations to come.

Who Are We?

The Ashtabula County Historical Society is a registered 501(c)3, and has operated since 1838.  A 100% volunteer organization, the ACHS works tirelessly to preserve its properties, in addition to operating a research library, hosting educational events, and providing certification for Century Homes and Century Homesites throughout the county.  Funding for ACHS is provided primarily by membership fees and financial support from donors like you.


Your Contributions Count

Every dollar received by ACHS goes directly to upkeep, utilities, and programming.  Each year, ACHS expends approximately $17,000 for maintenance and museum costs, and additional donations are used for special projects and purchases such as equipment, dehumidifiers, or construction materials.  Funds in excess of the society’s needs are invested for future, costlier projects.


How You Can Help

As we look forward to 2028, your gifts will help us reach our goals.  Your help today will ensure the future generations of Ashtabula County can benefit from our shared history for decades to come.


  • Commit to Regular Giftswhether you choose to give just $5 or $5000, your monthly gifts will carry ACHS into a bright future
  • Join Today as a Patron Member – annual Patron members support individual museums to celebrate their favorite Ashtabula history
  • Volunteer Your Time – our 100% volunteer organization needs assistance from community members like you to make our programs successful


We believe Ashtabula County has a story worth telling.  Your contributions help us share it.

Two Ways to Donate

Your generous support provides for the upkeep and maintenance of our properties.  Your donations also support education and historical programming.

Use the button below to donate to ACHS or one of our museums using Paypal!

You can also donate directly to our Bridge to History campaign!  

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